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Wait times can vary for size and complexity of any given piece as many hours of researching and then designing time are required for large pieces.

Small pieces are of no less significance however can often be completed more quickly.

Please note -

*A $100 -200 non refundable deposit is required to secure your booking, payable to the studio in cash upon consult time or via online bank transfer - details will be forwarded.
Deposits will be held until the FINAL session to be used in the last payment of your tattoo. If the tattoo is not completed, the deposit shall be retained as a research and drawing / design fee.


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Links to sketches, artwork and/or references - alternatively email directly to tashikotattoo@gmail.com
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Consults are preferred to discuss all the finer details, inspirations and references and especially helpful in relation to size and fitting with other existing work. please also advise to best days/times for your tattoo time too :)